Sunday, May 8, 2011

A creative weekend for Sandra and I

We have been painting a lot this weekend.

Sandra always get inspired to paint when she look at my work. This weekend was no execption. She wanted to paint at old book-papers with gesso and all just as she saw I had done. Well, nothing stopped us and I prepared the pages.

Saving money.

Sandra has been very eager to save her money so that she could buy her own glitterpens and this weekend she brought them with her. Now she has decide to save for a white pen. I have promised her that we are going to make her her own art journal next time she is coming. It's important to let her try, and she has always been so fond of drawing and colouring. I think perhaps we'll make her two so that she can keep one here and one to bring home. That way she can make her own history from her weekends at our place.
If I show her several possibilities it will be easier for her to continue on her own.
This first photo shows her just starting the pen work.

In this photo you can see how proud she is. I think she did well and had all reasons to be proud.

Here is a closeup of her pages. Not difficult to spot her glitterpens but nice work I think.

This was her last page. She just fell in love with that cute little dog and we had to include it to her page. She learnt that things can be glued into the pages and I think she saw some new possibilities at once.
I am rather curious what this work can lead to. She is a clever girl and who knows, perhaps this can end as a lifelong joy for her.

The rest are some spreads I made. My pile is growing and it's soon about time to try some collage work. Perhaps coming week is the right time.

What have you been up to this weekend??


  1. Thanks alw'en. We had a great time this weekend.

  2. Sandra's pages are beautiful! I love seeing kids get interested in art. After seeing your gorgeous pages no wonder she wanted to try.

  3. Oh, thanks a lot Janet from both Sandra and me.
    Yes it's very fun too to work together with Sandra. I'm very lucky to be able to teach her and she teaches me too. Win win.