Thursday, May 19, 2011

Another ball.

I've finished my second one.

On this one I chose to use just one colour as a background and I think that was smarter. The ball is looking more like a ball this time and it's because the "wings" are cut back. To get this shape one have to use rounded triangles.( A triangle with rounded sides) As shown in the photo below.

Use whatever you like.

As I showed you you can use any form of decoration on the ball. Could have been nice to use kanzachi flowers all around. One could easily cut out the midcircle and insert photos or other things. The possibilities are endless.

All decorated.

Here they are all ready for gluing together. When I first saw them like this I thought they could be nice to use as small coasters for glasses or other things. One could ofcoures have chosen just one set of colours to enrich the table decoration, and a couple of balls hanging over the table. ( now I'm laughing) I easily get carried away.

The size of this ball is Ø 13 cm (5.25 inches) each circle and that's somewhat smaller than the first one. I really like the size of this one and I could even downsize it a bit more.

They are easy to make just be exact from the beginning. One need to have the circles/triangles just the same size. If not, the gluing together process will become a nightmare.

I enjoy when the triangles are ready to work on. To be able to choose the right design so that it looks well. That's the real fun. Working it out and then do the job and see if it comes out accordngly to your intentions.

Come on folks give it a try, I promise you will enjoy it.
Don't hesitate to ask me any questiones and I would ofcourse loooove to see your balls.

Wish you all the best.

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  1. Hello Laila
    Thank you for your lovely comment at my blog.
    It looks like you are a new blogger. Hope you have as much fun with it as I do. So much to look at and to love out there.

    The very best