Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Celebrating all day.

Today has been a busy day. To and from all day. Started our day by watching the childrens parade. After that we drove to watch Sandra in their parade and stopped to celebrate a couple of hours together with Sandra and her mom. We had some other to visit too so the day were filled up. Now we are relaxing in front of the telly.( exept me writing this short post)

One of the coming days I'll show you something I've been working on lately. I call it my "welcoming-relaxing-lotus-meditation ball"
Wish you all the best.


  1. What a lovely photo with the flowering tree and your beautiful dress.

  2. Thanks Janet, my husband said I looked ok so I trusted him. I really don't like to look at photos of my self. The trees are lovely though even that they are soon finished blooming. They have been spectaculare this year.

  3. Nydelig bilde.liker.