Thursday, May 26, 2011

I found what I was looking for.

I was very pleased with this result.

At last I found the time to try what I had wanted for a while now. And I'm very pleased with my result.

This is how I did.
First a layer of gesso then acrylics, yellow and white, some places only yellow other only white and the rest a mix of both. It was important to me to be able to spot the difference in the colours. I left it to dry for an hour or so and then painted over with watercolours. I used different shades of blue. The result came out just like I wanted it to and it's lovely to touch too.
I have one issue remaining though and that is to coat it in some way or other. As it is now I can easily remove the watercolours. I have some spray coating that I will try.
It's so exiting to try different ways of doing things and while I was clearing out my studio I had my eyes open to anything that I could possibly use. So I'm afraid my testings are going to continue.
I thought I would keep the page as it is for later studies, BUT...

At the right page I tried another tecnique. I stamped the circles and then I used a plastic bag all crushed up and " dotted" it on the page. I didn't smear it over the page just barely touched it. This result wasn't as good as I hoped for so I'll try it over again in a slightly different way.

A quite different thing.

When I'm visiting your blogs I see that you are drawing faces and drawing them good too. How I envy that.
It's easy enough to draw tiny people and their faces because when they are so small one don't need all the details. During my education we had drawing as part of our study. But we never drew faces. You know fashion drawings seldom show faces. We had our attention pointed to clothes and the details on the clothes and we had to draw a lot of different poses too ofcourse.
We became masters of drawing anythng into a hight of 24 cm. (9.6 inches) That was what were expected in our exam. No rulers no measurement at all but still our drawings should measure 24 cm. Well, it became a habit so all of us could transform any drawing given whether it were small or large into a hight of 24 cm.

I've made myself a promise.

I've promised myself to draw a face a week the rest of the year. A-4 is the size and I'm going to draw the face and neck only. Old faces are facinating because they are much more lined so I started with an old face.
Have a look at my first drawing. Do you spot anything that could remind a tiny bit of a person you might have seen? Please, don't judge me too hard, it's my first remember.
And, I had to glue it onto my testing page.

Wish you all the best.


  1. Drawing faces just takes practice. I think your first one looks great! Keep going and before you know it you'll be very comfortable with the process.

  2. That looks like Queen Elizabeth, I think it's really nice.