Wednesday, February 27, 2013

More patterns


First of all, no wet evening yesterday.

I'm still collecting patterns, and even have tried to make some of my own. Nothing successful yet, but I think it's just a matter of practicing.
This flower is amongst the finest so far, I kind of like the transparency. To give the in between spaces a hint of a black edge makes a huge difference, like the flower does change into something else.
My friend celebrated her birthday yesterday and she liked the cats. Several days ago I asked her to have a look and she was thrilled, so now they live with her. She told me she is going to frame them and make something special out of the frame. I'm looking forward to see what she come up with.
Another month gone, where does time fly? Around new year everybody talked about the long month of January and now the second one is over too.
One of the teachers in school always talked about how fast time went, let me put it this way, I now understand what he meant 45 years ago. Slow learner, me?? Pfffft........
First flowers in our garden have shown up, yay! The eranthis, small yellow balls.
Have a creative day! 


  1. You've got so much detail in this one...fantastic!

    I also know about time flying. I've heard that the older you get the faster it goes and I think that must be true.

  2. I went up close and personal and saw the amazing details and intricate patterns, I love it.