Sunday, February 10, 2013



I did something relaxing yesterday.

After some days reading and trying to understand  stuff that really dosen't interest me, it was wonderful to just sit down and draw some patterns. For a long time I have thought of making my own pattern library, and this could be a fun way of doing it.
Flowers with different patterns on each petal instead of just a pattern sample square. I might cut it out and glue it into a sampler book.  How cool it would be to have filled a book with patterned flowers, and how easy to choose when in need of a nice pattern.
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Do you find it relaxing to make patterns too?
See, I've left my mark on the photo, not the best placement perhaps but I didn't want to ruin the  patterns for you? Finally I understood something, and now, after nearly three years of blogging I do it completely the other way around. I think I'll allow myself a couple of days break from reading and just enjoy drawing patterns. It's much more fun and creative. Yesterday I also remembered to buy myself a good crafting knife, which I have thought of for yrars. I have been using my  leather knife, but it's a bit too large in some cases.
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  1. Patterns are fun and yours look great in the flower petals. Great way of showing them. And, yes, I find it almost like meditation when I begin drawing zentangles and patterns.

  2. those pattern are terrific, and what a great idea