Monday, February 18, 2013

A little Sunday experiment.


With this spread, I wanted to test nature itself. 

The center of the circle was supposed to peak up, that wasn't as successful as I had hoped for. I do see what I was trying to make, but it seems to be hard for others to see it. ( have been testing some friends) Also, on purpose, I wanted to make the flower hang an inch or so abowe the spread. You remember some of the previous spreads I made, had that effect. To gain a result as close to nature as possible I did a tiny experiment.
With the flower done and cut out, I put it on top of a cake dish with the light coming from top right corner. That gave me the chance to see excactly how the shadow would appear. I did make a test with the center too, cut a cross and rolled each "triangle" back. With that in front of me, I drew what I saw. It's pretty cool experimenting like this, in addition I learn  things too. Below is how it looked like on the cake dish. 
The final result is good, but I'm not quite sure that the shadow do the job alone. On a previous spread, without me thinking of it, the flower popped off  by itself. This time I consciously avoid using glittering paint in the background. Earlier I've noticed that glittering paint tend to have an" uplifting" effect, and here I aimed to see if nature would do it alone. What do you think?
Do you clearly see the opened center with the flips curled back?

What did I learn from this? I learnt that by copying nature one will lose some of the magic happening during the process of making. One will get a close to nature product, but some of the excitement is gone. The result can be planned though, which isn't the same when things just happens.

I could of course have done alot more to the background, but after having a party here Saturday night, my head was empty. I might add something later though. It's much fun making these little things and discover new ways of seeing/thinking. On Sunday I also fell into reading about illusions, and I might want to show you some pretty cool things.
Have fun! 

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  1. oh I love these both of them, my favpourite might be the bottom one, I love the design everythimg