Friday, February 8, 2013

My art journal again.


I made this spread using some outcuts from the newspaper.

How much easier it is to do things the right way. Now, that I've filed all my photos, everything fell into place. Thanks heaven I'm a stayer, otherwise I wouldn't have learned all this.
I had much fun making this spread, the birds are so beautiful with the wings spread out. Originally they were sitting on each end of a fallen branch, but I couldn't help wanting to manipulate the situation.
The Jaybird looking a bit "headless" just flying and singing and dosen't notice any danger.
What do you think? Was it a bit too cruel of me?
I did some new things on this spread. I used my water soluble crayons and painted them out using gesso instead of water. Great way of doing it and the black pen had no trouble writing on top at the end.Good idea I think! The only thing to concider is the hue of the color, the gesso will lighten it.The background forest is done using acrylic paint.
 And in this very moment of writing I think, why not use Matte medium instead of gesso? Smart, I'll have to try. That means the color won't change, and the black pen still will work well on top.
Beautiful sunshine here today. 
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  1. Thank you for visiting me and for your lovely comments

  2. You do such interesting pages for your journal. I like this one, and no it isn't's just nature the way it is.

  3. I think you did a wonderful intersting page, i really like this one, the writing is perfect