Thursday, February 14, 2013

Ballet dancers.


Meet the girls.

This spread was created with alot of mixed feelings. At one point I was sure I had to paint over the whole spread. You know, at that stage when things change from good to not good at all. Instead of reacting instantly, I put it aside  and did other stuff instead. Many times I did that. And now I'm pleased with how it came out 
I think it was a fun way of doing it this time, I cut the flower in two and made these little girls. Notice how they look right at you, and what a difference their hairstyles make. I love doing 3-D patterns, and the blue eyed girl has a pattern on her dress that is amazing. Even in person it's hard to believe that it's a flat sheet of paper. It's lots of fun to explore patterns like that.
I also forgot myself and added the red dots on one pattern, that wasn't ment to be. I used a marker which will bleed through the gesso if I paint over it so I chose to let it be. 
I made the all over pattern on this spread because I love that pattern and also because it need more space than a petal. Left side almost ruined it all. Far too much going on there, but it's a good excample on what not to do.
The fact that the flowers (girls on this spread) seem to hang abowe the background is something that happens during the photographing process. In person it's not like that at all. It does make the process even more intriguing though, I always ask myself how it  will be at the end.
I still love to play in this journal, but I'm a bit concerned about the binding of the book. I didn't make the spine wide enough when I created the book, and now that I'm adding to it......... perhaps I'll have a rescue job in my hands soon. That will be a new experience as well.

Happy Valentines Day Folks!!


  1. it turned out wonderful, those girls are to cute

  2. This is great! Your girls have such playful little faces...and all that wonderful pattern all around them.