Monday, February 25, 2013

A Russian again


 Do you remember my russian dolls?

This is a new but different one. I really like to play using this shape, and while doing this one, several new ideas popped up. The clue is that the outer lines makes the shape of a russian doll. To make it look a bit more like a human being I have given her shoes/feet instead of the usual stand, the original shape is still there though. A fun thing with this one is that I can't stop wondering how she looks in front. I have no intention to turn her around, but still, I feel drawn to do it.
As you see I'm still into patterns trying out how they can be used. Learning still.
What kind of attitude do you think this one have? The complete image I mean.
I'm so sick and tired of all the focus on a slim body, and that everyone needs to lose weight. There is not a single photo in any magazine that tells the truth. Why do we let us fool like this? The industry want us to believe in something un natural. If one have a health problem, I do understand the necessity of losing weight, but for all the rest......... 
I think my girl today shows a healthy attitude, almost like saying, I love my body and I'm proud of it. In my head she's on her way to go shoping, probably some more fancy clothes.
Beautiful, sunny weather here the last couple of days and I love it.


  1. This back view is so much fun. I think adding the feet makes it even more so.

    I completely agree with you about weight and the media's idea of what we should look like.

  2. I think she is saying, I am hear, I am strong, deal with it

    I love this one