Saturday, February 16, 2013

A super exciting collaboration.


I had a special coworker when I did this spread.

After making the ballet dancers I had no idea what to make next. I was pleased with these patterns but couldn't decide what to do. As I often do, I spoke out loud to myself something like : Well Laila what to do with these ones? I also answered the question myself, cut them apart and make some bumblebees. I and myself did collaborate during the whole process, I asking questions and the inner me answering. Weird? For any outsider it probably sounds weird, especially since I was talking out loud with no other person present, but isn't that what we do all the time each one of us? Discussing with ourselves, loud or not?

This time I kept noticing the feedback and did what I was "told". Outer me even almost ended up arguing because of a color choice. The pale yellow part of the bee, I have never seen anything like it but inner me insisted. After all it dosen't matter, but my logical approach tend to lead a bit too often. I did search the internett and found a bumblebee like this. Overwhelming, nothing less!  Below you see who probably was my coworker in this project. And I have to say, she was a stubborn one. It was a very special experience to do it like this, I never did it before. I think it's all about listening, ask a question and the inner self/child will answer.

And below is what we did create together. It was so much fun to play this way, I would like to challenge you to explore it yourself. It's so much fun, I promise.
As you see there are two photos showing my work, the one below was shot late night with my worklight as light source, and the bottom one with pure daylight. The truth lies somewhere between the two. Which one do you prefere?

I always ment to tell you from where I picked my patterns, I just forgot it till now. Mainly I have used two sites to pick from, here and here. Some patterns are combinations and others were just there from way back, and obviously, I can't tell where they came from.

The upper wing on the lower left bee, do you see peaks or hallways? I see hallways, but handyman sees peaks.
I had no idea this project would be so much fun, I even had no idea it should become a project. And playing with my inner self/child topped it all. The whole spread might be a bit too busy in my opinion, but I didn't decide it all by myself. Life never stops surprising me.
Go for it!

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  1. my absolute favourite is the light one, you know me its never to bright. This work is amazing, I love the pattern, the color, the style, just say I love it