Friday, March 1, 2013



 I simply love this one.

You know, I'm in the middle of exploring some of the patterns I have collected. The ones used here are airy and with white ink it became excactly what I was hoping for. Oh, don't you just love to play like this?
I now see that it's the black ink that make some patterns a bit too dark/muddy/solid for me. The white ink does the oppopsite and I love it. This spread is made using a tiny nib. A drawback using ink is to have to dip the nib and some times one get a bit too much ink at the first lines.
It had to be a ballet dress, and a person wearing it. I had much fun adding her arms and the one foot.
I so much like to use a limited space when creating and see how I can use it in different ways. The circle is in focus in one way or other, but I find it's enjoyable to challange myself to break down the limits of my idea and see how it could expand without loosing the main goal. How much variation is it possible to obtain with A : circle in focus and B : collecting patterns.

So far I've made mostly flowers, but each one felt new to me while I made them. Always trying something new. I've also seen that it's good to focus on other things beside this journal. I think I'm such a person that needs variation to get the ideas flowing. Right now I'm knitting a couple of shawls in addition to journaling, and of course the daily cores.
Abowe you see the tiny nib I used to create these patterns. The Micronpen is there just for comparison. I love that tiny nib, it came with its own penholder because of the size.
Enough for today, enjoy!


  1. That is such a tiny nib! You did a great dress for the little ballet girl. It's so lacy and delicate. I also like working with white rather than black.

  2. It turned out really great, what a small nib

  3. Laila, she is so adorable looking up being a ballerina! Love her dress! Thank you so much for your comment and your going to have a go too. Your art is already awesome, no matter what you do is going to be! :D Just know it!