Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Morning red.


I just have to share this with you.

We had the most beautiful sunrise today. Still dark outside with that skyline, not often as beautiful as this. There is an old saying here which tells us how the day will end with such beautiful sunrises.
Morning red gives evening wet! My translation, I tried to use google translator and had a huge laugh. Oh boy, what a great start of the day. Google told me this: Tomorrow evening red and bloody. I typed the Norwegian saying as it goes. Still laughing. It's our appletrees in the foreground.
It continued like this and ended up to guild the mountain. How lucky I am to awake this early. If I loved sleeping, I wouldn't have seen this. This photo is taken from our second floor, to avoid the appletrees.
I wish you a beautiful day too!


  1. Beautiful!! It almost looks like fire.

  2. what a beautiful sunrise, thanks for sharing