Monday, February 4, 2013

Big job done.

Finally I took the time to organize all my photos.

I absolutely should have done that job in Picasa too, but can't figure out how it works. One day I will though. It's so good to have done it on my computer, now it's just to go to the actual catalogue and find the photo I'm looking for. That is, I don't have to search through the whole lot to find a certain photo.
To start with I have organized them in catalogues like watercolors, garden, knitting and so on. Later I intend to divide them into actual years, if it's nessesary.
While doing the job, I found these pictures showing our Lilac tree blooming. Aren't they beautiful? Can yoy smell them?

They are quite a sight when blooming each year. Looking forward to the spring now with all the lovely happenings in the garden.

I remember when I first discovered Picasa, not knowing what it was. I did understand it had something to do with me, because alot of my photos were there. But, why so many of the same and why so messy? I did a huge cleanup, and returned to a blog almost emptied for pictures. That experience thought me to be a bit careful, to first understand and then go to action. We have an extra hard disk for backups and that helps alot. I can always replace them if I should push the wrong button.

I hope you have interesting days too.

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  1. Yes I can smell them, oh they remind of spring, which I cant wait to arrive.