Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Hey, how could I know.


I wonder why I developed to be so unknowing/uninterested in tecknical stuff.

Today I made a big step forward when talking of Picasa. How could I know I had to download the latest version of that program?? Well, at last I understood and there it was, all the stuff I had seen before. I was so happy I made two collages promptly.
Now I have a big reading job ahead, but that counts as peanuts compared to all the braintwisting I did today. Before downloading that is.
Since I filed all my photos, it was easy to pick a file and choose the ones to collage. Nothing new, I'm afraid but it was done in pure happiness. Here they are, my paainted faces once again.

So are the Russian dolls
I hope you will excuse my impulsiveness, I couldn't help making them. From now on I'll file the ones I make.
I hope you'll have as much luck as I had today.
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  1. they are all lovely and made me smile

  2. I like seeing them all together like this. They look great!

  3. Thank you so much for your visit!!! Lovely work!!! I love the Russian dolls!!