Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The never ending stor(e)y.


I have been reading about illusions.

If we start using our brains outside the box, there are alot to be invented yet. Because some shapes are well known to us, we search to see them and are, now and again, being tricked.
I'm quite sure you have already seen the shapes below, but aren't they twisting your brains too? 

This is the book I have been reading, and I find it very intriguing. Besides the tricky shapes, the book point at some interesting artists. At least I've found it interesting and have to look up an artist named M. C. Escher. He was the one that introduced these tricky shapes. The book is written by a person called Edi Lanners back in 1973. I own my copy, but it might be possible to find it in a library.

The last shape I'll show you is a fantastic invention. Have a look at this staircase, I would love to have one of these to my training. If I got tired going up, I could turn and go down. I think this is one of the best tricks I have ever seen. Remember the name, Escher!

What's on your desk today?


  1. I will have to see if its at my library

  2. Escher is fantastic! I love his work. You're really digging into some interesting parts of art.