Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A new background


I started a new background in my journal today.

Just some paint on the spread before I used some bubble wrap on top in the wet paint. After drying I usd a stensil and sprayed a whitewash on top again.
What happened was that the bubbles became whitewashed too, and it became quite interesting. Left side. I used a WS crayon to emphasize some of the flowers from the stencil.

The right side has just the bubbles in this photo, but I have added the stencil on this page too. The circles are cutouts from a papertowel. I still don't know what to do on this spread, perhaps I'll enjoy the result for awhile.

At the moment there are alot of things I want to try, but can't get started with anything.
Otherwise I've been asked to teach a course in art journaling but I do hesitate. I don't know if I could do it. I've tought many courses earlier, but never in art journaling. If I was to do it, I need to make a good program to ensure myself that the participants really got paid for their money.

I'll have to think a bit more over it.


  1. You can do it! Your art journaling is always great. I like the way you've started this spread. If you just taught lots of techniques that would be good. If someone hasn't ever done an art journal they need to know all the basics and you could definitely cover those and then some.

  2. I agree with Janet, you could do Love the pages you just showed, with the bubble wrap, I love bubble wrap