Sunday, April 3, 2011

My second attempt

The creditcard tecnique.

I read about how one can use a creditcard to smear the paint onto the pages and wanted to try that. You will find the information here. The first thing I noticed was how thin the layers became and that the page ended up very smooth. Ofcourse, one can make a textured page too by using the creditcard but the way I did it the result became smooth. With a smooth page it's much easier to draw or write on top of it.
With these thin layers the paint dried up very quick and therefor I learned that I'll have to plan colour mixing before I start.
It's quite "messy" but that doesn't matter at all. I really think I can work this in to something exiting. Never knew it could be so fun.

The spread below is my first try and I'm very pleased. Think I had some beginners luck. The page called Sunset Rock came out very well I think, and I almost can't believe that it was me who did it. Me...ha ME ??

When I had done the "painting" I just began drawing, unconscious, so to speak and as often before (in this mood) it gave me some surprisingly results. It seems to be the best way for me not to plan too much. There are always so much to compare to and that lead to limits rather than free expression for me.

While doing this spread, I came to think of at least three new things to try so this is really exiting.

I would love to hear your comments.

Enjoy your Sunday.

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