Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Art Journaling, I'm on my way....

Some more pages from my journal.

Just want to show you my progress in journaling. If you have any comments, tips or good ideas they are very welcome.
If any of you think that I leave too much space in my pages, I have to tell you a little secret. When the photos are done I write in some more text, in norwegian.

The left side page does already have some norwegian text. It's about not beeing satisfied, that I'll have to mix the colours before using the credit card. Things like that.
This page didn't inspire me at all so the only thing I came up with was this doodling.
The other side though, inspired and thought me a lot. The first thing I learnt was that even if a page don't look that inspiring ( or destroyed) much can be done to rescue it. I could have repaint it but my aim is to do the most of what I have and that leads me to be even more creative. I didn't think much of this page at the beginning but it came out quite interesting to me. And at the end I spotted the message to myself.
The text was not written to match, but at the end I could read a message: Hear hear one step at the time. Had a little laugh when I spotted that.

Now we're talking...

I'm very pleased with the left page. The cold colours and the pale winter sun. The structure of the paper even looks like canvas.
I can see that I need to focus some more at the writing, and I would not have done the text like this once more. (easy to say though) Can remove it, you say, yes but I need it as a reminder to how I learnt this and what not to do. That's all.
This journal will be kept as my "learning journal" so it's important to me that all the "mistakes" are in there.

I'll tell you how I do this.

When the gesso has dried I "paint" both pages. Better to get the messy job done at once. When it's all dry I cover (most of the time) the right hand side with some old sheets and consentrate on the left.
The red side here, I didn't like at all because I so much wanted to do curved lines and this one didn't show a single curve. So.. I was not looking forward to do this page at all.
But as you can see it came out " not that bad." I simply love birds and this was a great idea I think. The image of the parrot was in this book in the first place and I really wanted to use it. So all in all this became a very fun page to make.

Have a really nice and creative day everyone.

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