Thursday, April 7, 2011

Remember the grey page in my journal?

I'll give you my version.

Let me start by saying that today it's one year since I started blogging. It's incredible I just wanted to see if I could do it and now I'm deep into it.
It has been a year with lots to learn and a very fun year too.

Now back to my spread. The grey page I had so much fun making and new things popping up all the time. There could be several ways to solve this task but this was my choice. When finished I stood back to study it for a while and saw some very different images that could have been done. What I learnt was to have a look in a distance before deciding what to do.

Now I'm curiouse, what did you see? Did you spot any of my images?

The other page became a try to make a collage but I feel it's more like scrapping. It was fun to make though and finding all the different things to use. Almost like a treasure hunt in my own home.
Some buttons from past times (mother of pearls) and the one that pops up. Anyone who remembre these? I think I've used them when I was a little girl.

The initials with flowers are originally made for embroidering but I felt they were suitable to this page and it's atmosphere. Back in those days they did mark everything this way. ( don't think they ever heard the expression: time is money. he, he, he) Mostly the work they did was delicate and well done.

Well, thats about it just want to wish you all a joyful day and tomorrow I'll show you some Aboriginal-like things I've made.

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