Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My journal again...

This is very facinating.

My first picture today shows a righthand side page. This is how it looked when I started to work on it. (painting already done) The colours on my photo are not good at this first image but what I wanted you to see is how the background looks like before I start my work. It is quite interesting to compare the finished result to the starting point. When you see my choices you can go back and consider whether you would have chosen differently.

Ofcourse, I can see things more clearly since I have the pages in person but when I show off a page before working on it I think it's possible for you to see what's in it. Hope you enjoy the possibility.
If I'm not wrong you might as well learn something from it. That would make me happy.

Please, use some seconds to figure out what you actually see in this page before looking at the next photo.

This was a very interesting spread to make.

In the lefthand side page I would keep a picture already in that page. The coalabears are so beautiful animals, and I wondered if I could work it well into the rest.
Well, to be correct the rest was worked into the existing picture. I'll have to try this over again and perhaps do a little planning before I start. As you see I couldn't resist making a little fun. ( quite typical me) It wasn't easy to incorporate existing picture to the rest. Perhaps another image could be easier.
I will definetly try over again some other time.

Now, lets have a look at the page that you've already seen. Did you see the "church"? I'm quite sure you saw the cross. The image was very clear so I had no choice other than make this. And the Pukumani Pole, very strange. In 2005 I spent my summer holiday in Australia and I visited the Australian museum. These Poles facinated me a lot back then and I had a close look at several at the museum. And now it showed up again.
If we compare that Pole to our headstones we see a huge differens. How colourful the native Australians are. (or perhaps have been) I'll give you a link here to have a look at the Poles.
The Pole that I made is just imagination, I had a look in the museum and I have used some of the patterns I saw there. For all I know my Pole tells that this person has been the King all over Australia. Just to avoid any problem I repeat, my Pole is pure imagination.
I tried to give the "church" some windows but it was impossible. Each time I tried something went wrong so I gave in. I'm very pleased with the result though, the whole page seems airy and clean. Couldn't do it any better I think. What do you think?

Best wishes to all of you.


  1. I love how you posted a picture of the page before you started to see what other people would see on the page. I saw a dragonfly and long marsh grasses or a castle. Guess I was close with the church, eh? I love art journaling!

  2. Moira, thanks for letting me know your visions and yes you were pretty close. It could very well be a castle but the cross caught my eyes.
    How interesting that you saw a butterfly guess I'll have to look it over again. Nice blog you have I'll come back later for a closer look.