Monday, April 4, 2011

Some more doodling.

These are some new doodlings

I felt like doing something else a couple days ago.
The first one I made using some colours and it worked well, but I think perhaps the rose has a colour too prominent. I'm thrilled about the V-shape and will try some other things with that later on.
I bought some greys too and they do a big differens. The drawings get a whole new depth. Very interesting to play with I think.
I had to add a little yellow ghost too, I like ghosts. ( friendly ones that is) :-)

The second one was a try drawing a rope. Funny thing this, it seems to always fit with one over and one under as long as start and ending point are joined. Always the same. I've tried a lot of times now and it works every time. Let me hurry to tell that math isn't my force. ( must have something to do with math.)

When the rope was done I felt like filling the loops, and then I stopped. I really like this one, it feels airy and tidy which I like.
What do you think?

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