Tuesday, April 12, 2011

In my garden right now.

This is how my garden is flowering right now.

There is really quite a lot more but not in flower at the moment.
My rhubarbs are coming and I don't think our first soup are far away. There are a lot of tulips and other things but as said not in flower yet.

Perleblomst (Muscari armeniacum)

Hvitveis (Anemone nemorosa) this is a rear one.

Julerose (Helleborus hybrid "Atrorubens)

Primula (Primula juliae hybrid)


Hvit kuleprimula (Primula denticulata)

Lilla kuleprimula (Primula denticulata)

Krokus and Russestjerne (Scilla siberica)

Wish you all the best!


  1. You do live in a colorful world! I love this virtual stroll through the flowers ... and I love the colors you use in your artwork. I am reminded of a home I visited in Mexico - every room a different color, vibrant tile work and artwork everywhere. I came home and painted my house and the painters commented "you sure like color!" Lots of buckets of paint!

    xo Lis

  2. Thanks for your comment Lis, when we bought this house it was all white/grey, dead really. We removed all the paint and found the originals and now we're living in a living house. And we love our home. Inspiring surrondings are important to us.

  3. Lovely to see the spring at your garden, this means it will be on its way here soon too.


  4. EW, hope for you that it shows up in a hurry. Today we really can feel the spring. I'm enjoying it a loooot.