Monday, April 4, 2011

Journalpages, what do you see?

Isn't this amazing?

Have a good look at these pages. Especially the grey one is exiting. Can you spot any images? I can see a lot of things here.
I see Mother Theresa or one of her sisters, I see trees and gras/soil, a man with a big hat and a walkingstick, a hippopotamus, a roof with a chimney, a lion, a coffeepot and even a few more. On the red side I see a child walking to school with the schoolbag on his/hers back. That's the clearest vision right now. I'll wait untill tomorrow and look once more in daylight.

Do me a favour, write down your own list of images and we'll see at the end what comes out. I was planning to do a collage on the grey page but I can't do that with all these visions. Wow..this is over the top exiting. Try it yourself, paint and one old creditcard. I never know how or what comes out.
Wish you all a nice evening/night.

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