Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A nice trip to Bjødnaliå.

We do have a lot of nice recreation areas in our surroundings.

My husband, Sandra and I had a nice trip to a place called Bjødnaliå. To get there we have to walk through a scree. It's a very nice place and some of the original oak trees are still there.
We park our car in a little forest and start our walk by a water called Taksdalsvatnet. Sandra and I posing in front of the water.

A bit further up from the water you can see the scree we have to walk through. One have to pay attention to every step while moving here. The stones are often slippery and not easy to catch an eye of the safe ones. As you see in the image a lot of trees are growing there and it's a perfect idyll. The whole landscape is more or less covered by moss.
It's a challenging route and it takes some time to pass through it.

A bit of climbing is included in this route and I couldn't resist showing you this picture of Sandra sitting on a branch of an old oak tree. I really do hope this area will be protected and looked after so that we all can enjoy it for years to come.
When in Bjødnaliå we have a rest and something to eat before we leave and choose another way back home.

Whis you all the best.

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