Saturday, April 16, 2011

A gift and a challange.

On the wall?

I made this "mandala"-like painting for a friend of mine. She payed me a visit and I gave her one of the bookmarks that I made. She liked it so much that she would hang it on her wall. I asked her to leave that thought and I would make her something else instead.

Something else is this little painting.

I was a bit uncertain whether it would work well with a white flower and the white background, I think it did when I made some lines in the petals and did differ the size on the dots at the background.
In beforehand I had told her that it wouldn't hurt me if she didn't like it, so she could feel free to let it go.
Well, she didn't she really liked it. I knew that she is a great mandala-fan so that's why I made it this way.
My surprise was that she is going to hang the bookmark on her wall as well. As she said, they looks great together. Yes they have the same shapes in them but a bookmark is still a bookmark in my opinion. But she is ofcourse free to do what she like.

The challange.

I made another mandala and cut it into four pieces. My intention was to let the three of them stay together as "normal" and the last one I would turn upside down.
The challlange is that my husband is such a symmetrical man and I would like to see if he reacted to it. ( wasn't a badly treat, was it?)
As you can see the result differ a bit from my intentions. It didn't look good at all, the way I had planned. And that way I was in no need to "irritate" my husband. It would have been smart to make the black dots last thing I did but that was too late to think of when finished.
I like it as it is now, something quite different.

Wish you all a very nice and creative day.


  1. Both are really cool and beautiful, I like her mandala a lot with the subtle flower.

  2. Thanks Hanna she liked it a lot too and that makes me happy.