Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The postcard swap.

These are my first five cards that arrived.

It has been so exiting checking the mailbox lately. Each card ment something special when they arrived. I was far from knowing how exiting this really was. I'm still waiting for my last card and I'm really glad that they didn't come all at once. This way the joy last a little longer.
This was my first swap ever and now I have a whole lot of ideas how to create more cards.

Today has been like a real summer day where I live. We have really enjoyed it. And yesterday I came across a new sock pattern that I just had to try. They looks great. I'll show you when I'm finished.

Wish you all a happy Easter and my hope is that you all can enjoy suitable weather.

Have a look at my swappers blogs!

Lis here
Moira here
Ninette here
EWian here

The fifth one didn't name her blog, if she has one.


  1. Very nice cards...I like the bunny card you sent to Kate.

  2. Oh, thank you so much. This whole swap has been so much fun. I'll come over and have a look at your blog a bit later.