Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The postcard swap once more.

It seems I ended up getting nine cards.

I miss one card but I was lucky enough to get one extra. Hanna sent me a card to say thank you for a little something I sent her. I really appreciate that. The four last cards are also exiting cards. I had a big laugh when I recieved the card with a photo on, it was such a clever idea. Humorous, fits me well. Shannon made it but she did not leave her blog adress.

The red card with butterflys is a very nice card too. It's made of fabric and stitched around the images, feels very soft and is kind of quilted. A lot of work I guess. Diane made this.

The next card, I guess you all know the artist who made that. This was Hannas thankyou card. I really don't understand how she does this magic. All her collages looks so great and her colours too.

The green hearted card is very exiting. What do you see? Most people I've asked see a bird and a pig/dog. First thing I saw was a male face or more correctly his eyes and a bit of a broken nose. Can you see it? Super exiting card. Laura made it.

The turtle card contains several different images too. A horse, a duck swimming in a pond and an eye. Can you spot them? Very nice and a big card too. Christine made it but she didn't leave her blog adress.


  1. How fun! I also got a card from Diane and a dog nose card from Laura ... I too see a pig and a bird which really thrill me as I love both animals.

    Well, I have only received 8 cards but I am thinking mail from Canada is notoriously sloooooowwwww so maybe both of us are awaiting cards from there?

    And I now have serious bike seat envy! How stunning! And your socks?! I have a vest I started knitting March of 2010 ... got the back done and then it was Spring and it got packed away. I thought I would have finished it this past winter, but no ... it sat all season waiting until this week when I pulled it out and decided I will knit my fingers off until I get it done! I really wanted to knit myself a shawl ... but am stubborn and must finish this project! So thank you for the added incentive of your beautiful work.

    xo Lis
    (oh my, Hanna does do amazing things ... I just cannot neatly glue things down never mind the amazing arrangements and colors ...)

  2. Thanks Lis. Glad I could give you a little push so that you soon can start your shawl :-))
    I'm thinking of knitting a lace shawl to my aunt, knitted with 1-ply woolyarn. It's quite a job but the result is so amazing and I know she would love to have one.