Monday, January 7, 2013

Time to put the Christmas away.

Yesterday was the last day of Christmas in our home, 

and today I'll put it all away. In fact it's nearly done. The last couple of days we've had this beautiful spring weather so it feels right to replace the Christmas with some spring colors.
We had a relaxing weekend, Sandra felt for taking it easy. She was just making some stamps.
Awhille back, when I was making mandalas, I made this one. I was planning to let it float on top of the background but something happened.

Do you see the all the holes around the edge? When I did that it was impossible to get the mandala floating, on the contrary that edge got the mandala secured to the background. But look what happened with the square border. Dosen't it look like the mandala is lifting up, and held down by the outer edge? There are so many new things to discover, all the time. Even though I feel all my mandalas looks the same, they don't. This one was made on a prepaint background. The square net was made in the end though.

I just needed a break in putting all the stuff away. Have a beautiful and creative day!


  1. I love your mandalas - I've always wanted to try making one - I'll have to have a go this year and will show you the result.

  2. I love this one, very very creative