Friday, January 4, 2013

I had to do something different.


The last two days 

I've been in court. I was there to support a friend of mine, and it was quite interesting to attend a real case. When I returned home today I felt for doing something else than my project.
Sometimes I just feel for splashing colors all over in my journal, and today was such a day. Normally I don't like the result, but today it's not too bad. Do you often feel that way too?

I'm sorry the photo is a bit shiny, but it was the best I could do. I think I will try it more often to use more colors in the background. Not too many though.
Otherwise it's Sandra weekend so we have to do something fun. She got her own paint, canvases and easel for Christmas, so she's nearly a full artist now.
I hope you'll have an enjoyable weekend too!


  1. I just love this - all the colour and patterns. I especially like the bee, I have a a great respect and fondness for bees and it isn't just becuase I love honey!

  2. I think this is beautiful, and I love the color. I always feel like my work is not up to par, and just once in awhile I like something I did

  3. This is such a beautiful page. I like all the bright colors. Have fun with Sandra!

  4. This art is totally awesome, love it. Got so much moment captured and colours. So a keeper! Thank you Laila, so much, have a great and awesome year! Much love!