Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Finally it's time for a new year.


Now that my birthday is over I can finally concentrate on the new year.

I had a wonderful day yesterday, lots of greetings, phonecalls and friends coming over to spend some time. I received alot of flowers and other beautiful gifts. My Moster gave me something very special, something selfmade which I appreciate alot. Have a look at these beautiful christmas bells.

The smaller ones are ment for hanging on the tree and the large one in the window. I simply love them, and can't understand how she can manage to make them with these tiny little beads. It certainly costs her a whole lot of work and I will always treasure them. Below is a closeup of the large one.

Today I don't do much other than relaxing and enjoying the new year. This is a beautiful day, no wind and the sun shining from a clear sky.
I have been doing a tiny bit in the studio, but nothing to show you yet. I need some time to get started for real. Let me show you one of the flower arrangements that was sent to me yesterday, a beautiful pink and blue one. All the others are equal beautiful, but this one was the easiest to photograph.

Have a nice day you too!


  1. wonderful gifts happy belated birthday

  2. The bells are beautiful! And your bouquet of flowers looks so pretty. I like the colors.