Sunday, January 20, 2013

Still frost.


The weather is still beautiful, clear sky, sunny and freezing cold.

I took my camera to photograph the frost and got some great photos. Our conservatory has single glass windows and they are beautiful frosted. Have a look.

Indoors the sun makes some marks too. I caught this shadow the other day.

Ant this is what caused the shadow.

Our old stove. In fact it's over a hundred years old.
I haven't done much art lately, just a canvas painting that needs more work before I can show it. Dinner guests today so I'll have to start cooking.

Enjoy your day.


  1. wow what a great stove, do you cook on it, I just came in from shovelling the snow with hubby, we had alot of snow last night, and now its bitter cold out, oh dont we know the joys of both living in a cold country, but the skys are blue at least

  2. The second picture looks like it has been drawn by someone...leaves and vines. Beautiful! And the stove is fantastic.

    No cold weather here. We've been in the mid 60's with lots of sunshine. My son says it's paradise!

  3. gorgeous window art. God leaving his fingerprints on your window panes. Always a beautiful sight. I love your stove cover, that is also very beautiful. Maybe you should do a drawing of it. Have a wonderful time with your guests ! :)