Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Hello 2013 !


We're finally there, a brand new year has begun.

The old one past in an ocean of fireworks as usual. The weather was excellent for a firework, wet but not rainy. I'm glad it's over and we can start looking ahead.
Do you have any great plans for 2013?
I have decided on writing a series this year, and I'm working on it. I also want to make some stamps, and I made my first try today. The stamps will be included in my series, so I don't have anything to show off yet. I think this will be a great year. I'm planning to make more funny folks and old words too so there's alot to start with.
I hope you are ready for a great new year too, lets make it a wonderful creative year in blogland as well as in our own daily lives.
I'll leave you with a spread I made yesterday.

Just wanted to say hello.

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  1. Hi there dear Laila, yes I took a bit of a break but really missed all my blog friends - so thought it's time I said hi again. I agree this needs to be a creative and joyous year, filled with creative adventure and play. Looking forward to seeing all your adventures - you are one of my favorite blog 'peoples' 'cos you just have such - almost childlike fun with what you do. Happy 2013 to you!