Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Hooray, it's my birthday!!


Today I'm turning 55, and am happy with that.

Best of all, Handyman surprised me more than ever this morning. To tell you about it, I'll have to tell you what my ongoing project is all about. Stampmaking and everything.

I've always taken interest in old times, how people lived, what their belives were and all such things. Way back in time we (in Norway and partly in Europe) had a calendar called Primstaven.

I'm planning  to write a series about primstaven, for several reasons.
I'm thinking of writing about each special day, explaining the signs, old traditions, weather marks and all that kind of stuff.
People have been writing about it already, but by doing it myself I will have it all gathered in one place. I would love it if you recognize any of the customs and let me know in a comment. Besides I love researching this stuff. The old calendar, primstaven has two sides one winterside and one summerside. I'll start writing about summer and the first post will be posted in first half of April.
When it comes to the stamps, my intention is to make my own artpieces from each mark on primstaven.

Well, back to Handyman again. To surprise me, he had baught one of these old calendars for me. How on earth he could find one for sale is a mystery, and he wouldn't tell. That means I'm now the proud owner of a primstav. ME!

He've heard me talk about it for awhile, that's probably the reason he did this for me. I'm so happy, best birthday present ever. And how fun it will be to write now that I actually have one in person. It also means that I can consentrate on this specific one.
Oh happy day...........


  1. Happy Birthday - to a very special lady. Hope you have a wonderful day - I wish I could join you for tea and cake of this day. What a wonderful and perfect gift you received - looking forward to hearing more about the primstav. It looks like it is a really interesting calendar - I'm thinking of all sorts of creative ideas around this already. Big hug xox

  2. Wow...what a great gift! Handyman knew just what to get for you. I'm glad you had a fun day. I was thinking of you.