Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sort of scrambled eggs.....


I was so inspired by Janet's leaf design that I had to try it.

Very soon I realized that they are not mine. I can't make them fit in. The two lower ones might do but I feel more comfortable with other forms.
My piece is made just for testing an idea, the layout or structure is totally missing. I didn't think of that when I made this piece. My next one is going to be much improved. 
While doing this piece new ideas came and that's what I'm going to try in my next one. I've spent three days, to and from making this one.

I very much like to see how one piece changes from just coloring to after the penwork. Perhaps you find it interesting too. While doing the penwork I often notice things to change/add more color to. And I like it with all the different forms in one piece. One can look at it over a long time and discover new things over and over again. I hope my next one will have even more of that.

We've had this beautiful weather for some days now. Frost without snow, trees and grass are blinking white in the sunshine. Morning with all the white frosty trees is almost magical. But cold!

Have a beautiful Sunday !


  1. I couldn't sleep tonight so I got up to look at the computer and found this wonderful post. I love what you've done! It's beautiful.

  2. laila, wow, love your new art and the pen work, what quality, so beautiful!

  3. Hi Laila, I was looking back through your blog and all of your beautiful, colorful artwork. I am amazed at all the gorgeous details and the colors. I love what you're doing with all of it. So wonderful.

  4. loving your penwork, and what you did with it