Sunday, January 27, 2013

Route 66


We have decided to visit US coming summer. 

Together with my brother and his wife, Handyman and I are going to drive Route 66.
Yesterday evening we had a meeting over at their place to do some planning. Handyman and I planned a little surprise for them. I made us an outfit to look like  some sort of cowboys, fringes, hats and "guns" We all had a good laugh when we arrived shooting and shouting. Oh my......
Have a look, this is how we met with them. Our son shot this photo before we left home.

Handyman really looks like he has done it before, and he probably has, as a child.

We're flying in to Chicago and spend the first night there. Then we'll make a turn into Iowa and Des Moines and spend some nights there. My sister in law has family there, so she wanted to visit them before we turn back to Route 66. After that we'll drive all the way to Los Angeles.

We're really looking forward to this trip, and we have alot of planning ahead. Any suggestiones or hints are welcome.

Have a playful day.


  1. i had a good chuckle when I saw the picture, your going to have an amazing time

  2. What fun - you are a darling - so playful - you are an inspiration - this is how life should be lived - fun, exploring, playful. Your trip sounds like it is going to be such fun!

  3. LOVE the photo!! And I can't wait to actually get to meet you in person. Be sure to keep me updated on the dates you think you'll be here.