Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A day away.


Yesterday was a different day.

We got up early ( 05.45 AM) and went for the city of Kristiansand. It's a three hour drive. Handyman had to attend a meeting there and I went with him for company. ( and some shopping)
I'm sorry I couldn't photograph the nature during our drive, too dark, but you should have seen it. Lots of ice running down the huge stones/mountains. It's been a long time since I saw that. The main road is quite narrow and those ice walls on both sides of the road was an impressing sight.

When there, the weather wasn't as good as I had hoped for. Snowy and windy, with other words cold. Handyman left me and I had 6 hours to explore the city. Always exciting. A big disappointment was to discover that the museum was closed each Monday.

I did a little shopping, nothing serious just small artsupplies. Some black paper, erasers, tags, yarn, purse and a tool to change paper into waves (don't know the correct word)
We returned home 19.30 PM. A long day, and Handyman was so glad he found me in the city. He knows me well enough to know that I completely miss the sense for location.
He called me after parking the car and two minutes later I was there. To his big surprise. He forgot to think about the fact that I had spent 6 hours in a relatively small center.
All in all a good day. Today I have been relaxing and thought of some new challenges to do.

I hope your days are good too.


  1. wow sounds like you had a good time, i love exploring new places, and looking for art supplies happens to be my favourite thing to do

  2. I know where you live it stays dark in winter - I can't imagine what that is like. It sounds as if you had a fun day, wandering about. Sometimes we need to do completely different things.