Thursday, January 24, 2013

Man in Nature


I have been painting on canvas lately.

The more I do it, the more I like it even if I feel it's kind of difficult. This specific one I started without having any thoughts of what it should be. The process of searching for a meaning in the painting and then adjust to that is, for me, a bit timeconsuming. I even think it's important to give it time too. Hang it or leave it on the easel and look at it for awhile in a distance is very helpful too. Below you see how my painting looked at one stage. Lots of changes have been done since that.

For a long time I thought of calling it Waterbirds, but ended up with Man in Nature. Some parts of the painting have been done over and over again, searching the best result.  I'm still not sure it's done, but now I'll put it aside and then use fresh eyes later on.

How is it for you, do you often struggle to achieve the result you are aiming for?
Next I'm going to play with different values of one color only, to see if it's easy to achieve light and shadow that way. Might be fun.

Now, I have some errands to run for Handyman. Better get it done.


  1. I like Man in the colors and the way water is part of the background.

    Many times I have no idea where a painting is going so it's just a thing of letting it happen. I've found when I have something in mind it never turns out how I imagine!

  2. i like it, the colors everything about it, yes i struggle with my art all the time, i have something sitting on my easel now for 3 weeks, and i look at everyday and still dont know what i am going to do

  3. I really like the colours you have used in this painting. I think that sometimes we have to let go and just let the work take us where it will - with no expectations of an outcome - and then we can be delighted when we are finished and we stand back and see what we have created.