Friday, August 31, 2012

How cool to use some paint again!

 Early this morning I was ready to paint. 


My first try on the new theme is this one. It's made on a small sheet and the first I learned was to be sure to have enough space. What I was aiming for was forms that didn't mean anything special, but who can avoid  seeing that this one looks like a creature in some ways?
The first thing that caught my eyes was the "collar", the wavy line over a shoulder. I didn't want to make anything familiar and I think I did avoid that.

I used water colors and WS crayons along with black, white and brownish  pens. Below you see my starting point.

 The final result is something between nothing and too much. Too much if I wanted it to be a simple expression, and nothing if I would like it to be a fully detailed work. In any case it has to be MY expression. I can feel that this week will be challenging, but hopfully it will learn me a whole lot too.


 When I start using pens I saw that I needed to fill in some more color so I did that some places. I'm so eager to see what I can do within this consept. I will try to show you before and after photos if I only remember to photograph enough. Usually I get so caught up in the situation that I forget the photo.


  1. Hi there, this is delightful - I love the soft shapes gently melding together - very pleasing.

  2. You always seem to come up with great ideas to challenge yourself. The first thing I saw was a little brown faced munchkin all wrapped up in a big winter scarf.