Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Still making my daily cups.

This has been such a fun challenge. Even though my cups may seem the same ( the way I made them), I have much fun choosing the right fabric and get it to look like I want it to. What I'll show you today is three very different cups.

My eight cup is one I never liked and in fact I put it aside and didn't plan to use it in my project. BUT when I had a close look at it some beautiful details appeared and now this is one of my favorite paintings in the whole project so far. Have a look yourself. Remember to enlarge the photo.

No.9  This is originally a tiny cup. My sister is a cup collector and I was allowed to photograph some in her collection. I fell for this one because of its rounded shape.
As I often say: I'm in perfect shape.....round is a shape eh???? 

If I was to choose over again I would have made the fabric part a bit larger. Often I feel that what I see when I choose the fabric doesn't show as much when finished.

No.10  This was my grandparents tea set. I love the copper details and the beautiful green colour. My background colour could have been different but, this was the shade my hand grabbed. I'm working using my feelings at the moment and this painting was perhaps not my best.
I have to say though that in this photo I used a flashlight to let the copper details show off, the background colour is overexposed here. In person it looks a bit better.

I was lucky enough to receive some photos from a blogging friend and one of her cups really spoke to me. I have an idea on what to do with that one, I just hope it will turn out as I imagine.
Otherwise I'll recommend you to try working in series. The theme is set so one don't need to use energy on figuring out what to do, the energy is spent on new ideas. It's a great way to work!

From the middle of all the cups I wish you all the best!

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