Sunday, August 12, 2012

Cups, cups and more cups.

I'm glad the Olympics is over now. I've not spent much time watching it, but a little and it has disturbed my daily work. Now things can get back to normal.
I still want to make some simple art, but it's so hard. I will keep trying though and perhaps I can make something to show off.
My cup no.11 belongs to a blogging friend. I fell for this one the minute I saw it. I found a suitable fabric, and there it is. The Queen cup.

Do you find it easy to make simple art? A couple of colours and details close to nothing. What I admire the most is the simplicity, the clean feeling and the greatness of the simple artpiece. I wonder if I can ever make one like that. 
No.12 is one from my sisters collection. The whole cup is heart- shaped. My painting doesn't show that as good as I wanted it to do, but I hope you can see it.

Awhile back Hanna Anderson (ihanna) shared some inspiration and one of her inspirational blogs were this one. 
She makes the most beautiful art, simple and with great impact. I really admire what she does. Have a look and see yourself!
No.13 is what I call a cabin cup. Simple and with a touch of the 70's.

 No.14 is from my sister too. What made me choose to paint this one was a blog I'm reading at the moment. It's a cool blog with cool people and it inspires me alot. Have a look here and see if it inspires you too.

I wasn't able to paint this cup as it is. The handle is one whole piece and the cup is kind of squared. I think it was inspired from Spain with the Flamenco dancer.

That's all for now, tomorrow is a new week. Take good care everyone!

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  1. You did such a good job with the Queen cup! It looks just like my mug.

    And I love Advanced's a fun blog to read.