Sunday, August 5, 2012

Four more cups.

It has been a fun week. I have enjoyed making these daily cups and I'm seeking new ones all the time. I do not know the excact number of cups I've got so far, but it isn't few, so I can continue another week making cups. If I get bored of making cups I might find another theme to work on.
My fourth cup is one that once belonged to my great Grandma. It's made in Japan and she probably got this set from one of her sons that were sailors. This cup were never one of my favs, but it's different and I chose to paint it.

No.5 is another one of my favorite morning cups. This cup was handmade in Shetland and I got it as a present from a friend.

No.6 This is an interesting cup. It's beautiful in it's own way. I'm sure this set was "Sunday use only" for the people who owned them. Look at the handle, big enough to fit a mans finger. That's rare. This cup was shared from a friend.

No.7 is my strawberry cups. I made this one in a hurry and it shows. Nevertheless I like it.

Otherwise I'm digging in family history these days. I have a very interesting Great Grandmother I'm trying to get to know better.
I hope you have great times too!


  1. They all look great...I really like the strawberry cup. I'll try to send you a photo of my favorite cup. You'll get a laugh.