Monday, August 27, 2012

A Confession.

This one isn't excactly a spiral but spiral like.

 What relation do you have to fences like this? Just looking at my painting makes me recognice that dreadful anxiety.
As children my friends and I knew of a fruitgarden were we would help ourselves to pick fruits. Stealing, just to mention it by it's real name. I was far too afraid to enter the garden, so I always voluntary suggested to be the alarmer, outside the fence, if anyone came. That way I could run like mad if needed, and I was a very fast runner. The truth is that I was a fraidycat. I have to smile while thinking of it, I'm sure if we'd asked we would be allowed to pick as much fruit as we wanted to. Sometimes my brother and I polished some copper coins, until they were shining. On these occations we knocked the door and asked to buy some fruits. We left loaded with goodies. These fences always reminds me of my childhood and what we were up to.

When hiking or biking I still see this kind of fences in use.

 Tomorrow I'll show you a much more friendly spiral, until then.

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  1. My grandfather was a cattle rancher and I think of him when I see barbed wire fences.