Saturday, August 25, 2012

Old form in a modern way.

 Todays spiral is a silver broche I once saw. The spiral holds a ruby in the center and is ment for threading directly onto a knitted jacket or top. Isn't it a simple yet beautiful design. It's made by a Norwegian silversmith and I can't remember her name.
 This spiral-form were much used in clocks and doorlocks, but new designs has overtaken. The broch shows a new way of using an old form, which I really like.
There is something calming with this spiral form, even and round over and over again.
There has been questions on what I will do with all these small paintings. First of all I learn from making them and that's good enough for me. I will probably frame some of them and use them in some way or other.

Tomorrow I'll make another one.


  1. I love spirals! They have always been my favorite, because they are so ancient and mysterious.

    Happy weekend!

  2. You know I love spirals, I use many swirls and spirals in my art work. They are truly lovely, whimsical and make me think of spinning in circles like I did when I was young. I am loving your themes and your exploring. What a fantastic idea. Maybe you should have blog themes that everyone can join in on. It's a great idea to get people out of their zone and try new things.
    I love your spiral drawings so far, they are very sweet and simple, yet beautiful.
    Happy day to you! :)