Thursday, August 9, 2012

Very interesting work.

Besides making my daily cups,
I'm digging in old family history and the history of the town in which I live. It's very interesting work and I've found some ( several) surprises. Originally it was my Great Granmother I was trying to figure out, but now I've found enough to fill up a book or two. At the same time I've found it interesting to read about how Bryne developed as the center of our county. How it was when my GG grew up. I promise, she would be surprised on how it is today.

It's very easy these days to find all the old written stuff about our relatives. Most church books are scanned and free to use from the archives. Below you see all that handwritten papers, it's birth sertificates and all that kind of stuff. The sketch in the book shows the very first "shop" in Bryne.  (1878) The owner had returned from America and was familiar to how the railroad developed the growt around the station.

In between the reading and digging I've made some paintings. I've always admired those who can make a very simple painting with a tiny bit of detailing and make it look great. You know, according to LESS IS MORE. That's waht I tried with the painting below. When all the painting (water colours) was done it was too much, so I filled it up. I will try over again though. Perhaps if I get bored of my cups, I can continue with simple paintings.

That's how I spend my days right now, and I find it very interesting.

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