Thursday, August 23, 2012

Have you ever seen a black and yellow Zebra?

These will be my last cups. 

25 is enough, my next 25 paintings will be something else. I don't know what, but I'm certain something will be done. Right now I feel I should choose another subject, but then again it would be nice to just feel the day and see what it brings. I'll see.

My cup no.20 is what we call a traditional hiking-cup. Nice to fasten to the backpack so it's easy to find it and have some water from a mountain stream. It's made from wood. This one in particular has a Viking design and has been richly awarded for good design.

No. 21 is the yellow Zebra cup. I fell for this one the minute I saw it. It's really something of it's own. Who would think of using the tail as the handle? Well, Torun Lønaas did, she's the designer and produser of this special cup. I would love to own one of these.

No.22 is another rare cup. The designer, Mette Fjørtoft, combined black clay and an orange rubber tube as handle. I do not own one so I can't tell how it works. She should be awarded for not beeing afraid of new combos.

No.23 is another different cup. Anita Duun Lorentzen (designer) tells that this cup was inspired from her Grandma's fine china. The roses and gold details do remind us of old caffee sets, but used together with clay it renews it all. Traditions in new ways, I like that. This cup has been richly awarded too.

No.24 isn't special except the dots. The background however gave me some new ideas. I'll have to work more on that.

My last cup, no.25, is designed by Anita Duun Lorentzen too. Bottom wide and top tight, the opposit of  so called normal form. It has been fun making all these cups and now I'm looking forward doing something else.

I hope you have creative days too.


  1. HI Laila,
    How are you? I haven't had a chance to visit blogs in quite awhile, things have gotten so busy. Hoping everything will slow down soon though. I am loving all of your cups. I went back through your blog and looked at them all. They are terrific. What are you going to do with them all? Some of them looked like cards, so I wasn't sure if you made them into cards to mail out. They really are fun and I am excited to see what your next subject is going to be. Hope all is going well with you. Have a wonderful day! :)

  2. Your cup paintings are so cool. I think 25 is a good number for a series and now you can move on to something else and inspire us.