Sunday, August 26, 2012

Old tool still in use

 This is one of the tools, still in use, that is a pure spiral. I bet all of you have one or other relation to this one.
There are schrews, of course, but I have no need to paint that now that I made this one. I can't stop thinking of how clever they were to even think of using a spiral for this purpose.( Very smart though) This tool is so simple yet very effective.
Right now I love these simple expressions, airy and clean. Next week I'll make something a bit more colorful though. I've already decide on what to do, and if anyone should feel like joining in they are welcome to do so. Let me know and I'll link you in my post.
Next subject will be revealed coming Thursday.
I have chosen what to do for the rest of this week, the last thing came to me last night.
Tomorrow I'll show you a scary one.
Have the most beautiful Sunday!

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