Friday, August 17, 2012

It's not that I have too little time...

Because of  other exciting stuff I forgot to post my cups Wednesday. I'll have to do it now because this weekend Sandra will be here and I won't have the time then. I'm still making my daily cups and I still enjoy it. I have been thinking to stop with 25 cups though. Perhaps it's time to make something else, I'm not sure of this so time will show. My cup no. 15 was originally a child's cup, but something happened while drawing it and I chose to keep it that way.

This is a cup on it's way to a second hand store. I borrowed it to paint it before leaving.

 No 17.
This "cup" is one from a set I have. It's a pottery set I use each Christmas. My painting isn't good at all here but there is something charming  about it after all. Because of it's rough nature I chose to use mollding paste on top of my "canvas". It works well I think.

No. 18
This cup belongs to my sister and her collection. Originally it's a tiny cup, but I drew it as a normal sized cup. All the black lines in the top border should have been gold, but it was much more easy to use the black pen.

Today's cup, no. 19, is one of my favorites. It's a pottery cup, and I used some paste on this one too.

All my cups together. That's the most fun thing, when one have a lot of them in a series they seem to create something more. If I framed all of them I'm quite sure people would look at them with a smile on their face. Series have that impact I believe.

What's on your desk right now?


  1. I agree...looking at them all together is fun. You can have a little gallery of cup pictures when you finish. They all look great.

  2. So great seeing them all together like that :-)