Wednesday, August 1, 2012

So far so good.

Day 3/ 50

This challenge generates more than a series of cups. New ideas keeps coming all the time and for once I write them all down. I've made my third cup-painting and I still want to continue after the one a day is finished. Normally I'm a morningbird (06.00 AM), now I'm so looking forward to the cup-painting that I'm out of bed even earlier than normal.
 I don't bother too much if my paintings are a little out of shape. That only gives them a little more personality.
The first one you've already seen, it's for the moment my favorite morning coffee cup. As you see it's a bit out of shape and I kind of like it.

My second cup is a special one. When we bought this house, handyman found its plate hidden beneath a floor in the outhouse. It's locally made and later on I got to see the whole tea set. My sister in law did inherit it from an old relative. I've made my cup using the small plate as inspiration so it may be wrong compared with the real ones. That doesn't matter to me, I will make many cups that aren't excactly as the originales ones. I chose to add a teaspoon to this one. I have to do them a little different, otherwise I'm afraid I will get tired of the whole thing.

This is a special one too. One can see the end of a word, FAR ( father). This cup belonged to my Grandfather. Now it lives with me and I often use for flowers or small plants. Since this particular cup was a "male" one, I chose to keep the colours to a minimum. Actually all design elements are made in gold, but I felt I needed a tiny bit of colour. What do you think?

I'll probably make a couple of posts each week about this challenge. I'm thinking of Wednesdays and Sundays but time will show.

What's on your desk these days?

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