Friday, November 2, 2012

In motion


My girl is done for now. I call it "Over here"

 I'll have to look at it for awhile to see if I'm pleased. It's not always easy to tell when in the middle of working. Her hair is done using Golden fluid acrylics, the fluids are a dream to work with but I'm not that happy for the shiny result though. Her shirt was painted over, mainly because I forgot myself and made the busy background. It's not the first time I paint over a magazine outcut, somehow I never feel comfortable using that when I'm working on canvas.

I'm up for a new trade and that always leads to great inspiration. Right now I'm working with tissuepaper, painting and sewing on it. I strongly consider to sign up for iHanna's postcard swap even though I'm quite busy at the moment. I missed it this spring and so much want to join in.
Things has been settled regarding to Christmas market. My friend and I will have two tables and that mean that I can bring my homemade "shop" I'm pleased with that, the dolls and shoes looks better in that invironment. The market is held 16th to 18th of November.
I'll leave you with this today, I have work to do.
Enjoy your day!


  1. She turned out so cute! I love the way you did her almost looks like roses. I've done Hanna's postcard swaps in the past and they're always good but I know I'm not going to be doing it this year. My mojo still doesn't feel like it's back.

  2. I'm delighted I read this post .I have the same problem with shiny surfaces and it never dawned on me that it was fluid acrylics -do their heavy body acrylics do this too.It looks awful when I photograph them .Did you collage the background on this painting ?She's lovely